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Learn how to get and keep customers effectively by using a direct debit billing system.

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Are you looking for solutions to increase your business cash flow? Or perhaps you are looking to create flexible payment plans to cater to your business needs?

Join us as we share 4 tips to get more customers with Direct Debit Billing. Hear and learn also about success stories from businesses that took their business to a whole new level collecting recurring payments with the Ezpay direct debit system.

Truly, increasing your sales has never been easier.

You'll Learn To

AUTOMATE PAYMENT COLLECTION by creating different payment plans with various billing frequencies to suit your business needs and trigger them by the appointed billing dates may it be weekly, monthly or yearly.

ACQUIRE CUSTOMERS ACROSS CHANNELS by automating customer acquisition workflows across multiple platforms and simplify the flow through simple signup experiences.

INTEGRATE BILLING INTO YOUR SYSTEM by leveraging on powerful APIs. From creating a payment plan to exporting out settlement reports, learn how you can customize billing processes that are unique to your business needs.

STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH YOUR BILLING by keeping track of your customers' payment collection through reports ranging from billing distributions, outstanding failed payment, trend analysis and many others.

About the Hosts

Daniel Moy
National Sales Manager

Dan is a hard-working, fun-loving jokester. He also really cares about delivering the best service and products to his clients. His passion for people and his love of technology combine well at Ezypay. 

Meera Krishnan
Website Developer and Designer

Dedicated and passionate about creating websites, Meera is willing to forsake sleep and food to get the job done. Okay, maybe the forsaking food part was exaggerated, but hey, she really does get the job done.